Academic Background

João Carvalho obtained his Bachelor's degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics , with major in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul ( UFRGS ), Brazil, in February 1994.

Then decided to attend Graduate School, obtaining my Master's degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics from PPGMap , also at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in March 1996. Master's thesis title (translated from Portuguese) :

An Application of the Projected Gradient Method in the Computational Solution of the Catalytic Converter Problem.

Preamble version in PostScript format (Portuguese). Full version in PostScript format (Portuguese).

After that, he worked as Calculus and Differential Equations' Instructor at UFRGS from March 1996 to January 1997. He also taught basic Linear Algebra courses.

He was hired by UFRGS to work as Associate Professor in its Department of Mathematics in March 1997.

He attended Graduate Program abroad, enrolling as graduate student at Northern Illinois University (Department of Mathematical Sciences ) DeKalb, IL, USA, from August-1998 to August-2002. He obtained this PhD degree in Mathematical Sciences em December-2002. Phd dissertation title: State Estimation and Finite Element Model Updating for Vibrating Systems . Preamble in PostScript .

Adviser: Prof. Biswa Nath Datta (PhD. University of Ottawa) (homepage)